Elevate the memory of your wedding day with our elegantly named photography packages,
each thoughtfully designed to capture the essence and romance of your celebration.

Whispering Vows Package


This package is perfect for couples seeking a more intimate or spontaneous ceremony. It includes up to 3 hours of coverage by our talented photographer, focusing on the quiet beauty of your elopement. You will receive an exquisite collection of retouched digital files, complete with printing rights, to hold onto these whispered promises forever.

Eternal Embrace Package


Designed for those who desire a comprehensive yet concise documentation of their special day, this package offers up to 6 hours of coverage. Our professional photographer will artfully capture the essence of your union, providing you with a trove of retouched digital files and printing rights to relive your eternal embrace.

Timeless Love Package


Immerse yourself in the memories of your wedding day with our Timeless Love Package. Offering 8 hours of coverage, this package can include one or two photographers to capture every timeless moment. Along with the retouched digital files and printing rights, you’ll receive a handpicked selection of prints, embodying the timeless love shared on your special day.

Opulent Union Package


Opulent Union Package – $3,500: For the ultimate in luxury and comprehensive coverage, the Opulent Union Package is unparalleled. Featuring 10 hours of coverage by two photographers, every detail and emotion of your day will be captured from multiple angles. This package includes retouched digital files, printing rights, and a sumptuously crafted photo album. As a prelude to your nuptials, an engagement photo shoot is also included, setting the tone for your opulent union.

Each of these packages is meticulously designed to ensure that your wedding day is not only photographed
but immortalized in a style befitting the elegance and beauty of your love story.

My goal is to encapsulate the unique essence and emotions of each couple I work with. My approach centers on fostering a calm and comfortable environment, enabling me to authentically capture the spontaneous, heartfelt interactions that define your special day. My passion for nature photography also plays a significant role in my wedding shoots, as I skillfully integrate the stunning landscapes of Georgia into my compositions, beautifully representing each of the four seasons as a backdrop to your love story.

Clients place their trust in me not only because of my professionalism and creativity but also due to my reliability and extensive technical expertise as an experienced photographer. I am committed to delivering exceptional-quality images that stand as a testament to your love, images that can be cherished and displayed with pride, whether as prints adorning the walls of your home or as digital displays enhancing your business space. My work is more than just capturing moments; it’s about creating a timeless legacy of your wedding day that you can relive and treasure for years to come.


I'll reach out within 24 hours with my availability and all the details you need.